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CWT launches web-based flight bookings on myCWT

CWT launches web-based flight bookings on myCWT

CWT has introduced web-based flight booking capabilities to its global travel management platform, myCWT.

In addition to using a chosen online booking provider, travelling employees can now book flights and hotels through any of the servicing and booking channels offed by CWT.

This includes web, mobile, email, telephone and messaging for their corporate travel.

“We are excited about this new launch.

“It is yet another milestone in our quest to enrich the travel experience of our clients’ employees and fulfil our three core brand promises - simplify travel, unlock possibilities and move forward, together,” said Niklas Andreen, CWT chief traveller experience officer.


“Our clients asked us for a complementary booking experience similar to the one offered by the online travel agencies but with the benefits of being in-policy.

“We’ve delivered this with a booking choice that is both fast and easy.”

During four months of intensive beta testing with eleven clients, this new offer gained excellent traction, clearly filling a previously unmet need.

“We were overwhelmed by the positive response as travellers quickly adopted this convenient self-service channel.

“Interestingly, we also saw a very strong uplift in in-policy, compliant hotel bookings, likely because travellers were able to book their entire trip in one place,” commented Andreen.

During the pilot phase, where travellers were able to make air and hotel bookings through all channels and also had access to the new 24/7 messaging service, the percentage of digital transactions made using myCWT app and web channels jumped to double digits.

The introduction of web-based flight bookings is one of many platform improvements CWT is committed to implementing in 2020 to improve the traveller experience.

To start, the functionality is available in 25 countries in 13 languages, and will be rolled out in phases to CWT clients through 2020.