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Crystal River Cruises to focus on central Europe

Crystal River Cruises to focus on central Europe

Following the successful launch of its first luxury river yacht, Crystal Mozart, Crystal River Cruises has announced it will increase its presence on the Danube, Main and Rhine, deploying four of its planned new build river yachts in the region over the next two years.

Based on guest feedback lauding the itineraries planned in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Amsterdam and Holland, the company has elected to delay its entrance into the French river cruise market, choosing instead to prioritise its offerings in the German/Austrian region in order to meet travellers’ demand for those experiences.

The shift in focus means redesigning and enlarging the two Paris-Class river yachts, Crystal Debussy and Crystal Ravel, as Rhine-Class river yachts, and redeploying them east in 2018.

Previously, Crystal Debussy and Crystal Ravel were to travel along the Seine, Rhone and Dordogne Rivers in France beginning in June and August 2017 respectively. 

“Unlike an ocean-going ship that can accommodate a change in itinerary with short notice, a river ship operates within more confined parameters and is unable to reroute easily,” said Crystal chief executive and president, Edie Rodriguez.


“We are listening carefully to what travellers are telling us and have concluded that the best way to anticipate, meet and surpass their expectations is by making this move earlier rather than later.”

The redesign and subsequent redeployment of Crystal Debussy and Crystal Ravel translates to more options, space and on-board amenities for travellers, as the river yachts will be increased in size from 110 metres to 135 metres, the maximum size permissible on the Rhine, Main and Danube.

The increased length allows for the addition of a swimming pool with a sliding glass roof and more of the ship’s larger suites, which range in size up to 759 square feet. 

The new design places the ships as part of the line’s 106-guest Rhine-class series currently comprising Crystal Bach and Crystal Mahler, which are due to enter service June 18th and August 29th, 2017 respectively.

Crystal Debussy and Crystal Ravel will be set for maiden voyages in April 2018 and May 2018 respectively with detailed itineraries to be announced shortly.