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Cobblers Cove to re-open in Barbados following renovations

Cobblers Cove to re-open in Barbados following renovations

Cobblers Cove will unveil a dramatic new look in Barbados this October following a five-year renovation programme. 

Located on the island’s quiet west-coast, the refurbishment of the all-suite hotel has been overseen by the watchful eye of Sam de Teran who has transformed this iconic property into one of the chicest places to stay in the Caribbean.

The final chapter of this story will see the unique collaboration with leading designer Soane Britain.

Set in a former plantation this iconic hotel embodies British elegance with Caribbean charm.

The ongoing work has seen the transformation of all the suites, guest areas, swimming pool and pavilion while retaining the heritage, charm and character the hotel is best known for.

The powder pink exteriors with its pretty white woodwork are complemented inside with elegant shades of blue, pink and green, hand printed linens and rattan furniture.

The final stages of this design story reflect the synergy between Cobblers Cove and Soane Britain including their dedication to local craftmanship, originality, comfort, charm and old school elegance.

A first of its kind for both brands, this partnership will give an exquisite new look to the plantation era Great House and a style quite unlike anything else in the Caribbean.

Lulu Lytle, founder and creative director of Soane, has created specific pieces in new colours for the Great House and its honeymoon suites.

Drawing inspiration from the history of the building, the island and from the fauna of the much-loved gardens, delicate and intricately woven rattan and glorious hand-printed fabrics have lifted its décor to a new height of sophistication, deepening the irresistible charm of the hotel.

Think fern-inspired console tables, shell-shaped chaises, crisp white rattan day beds, glimmering silver and glass hurricane lanterns, ripple skirted tables, twinkling basketwork lanterns, and fabulous gauzy billowing curtains printed with parrots and climbing vines.

Sam de Teran, owner and designer of Cobblers Cove commented: “I am thrilled to see the Great House at Cobblers Coves dressed by Soane with such glamour and grace and at the same time enhancing the homeliness for which we have always been loved.

“The success of this alliance is due in many ways to the ethos of both brands: the shared ideal of glamour and charm and fantasy as well as of elegance and comfort.

“Both Soane and Cobblers have always championed the importance of craftmanship, specifically local craftmanship, as well as maintaining an ethos of quality and integrity.

“This collaboration has created what we hope will be considered the chicest place to stay in the Caribbean.”