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Cable and wireless Seychelles bring support for the annual Festival Kreol

Cable and wireless Seychelles bring support for the annual Festival Kreol

The Seychelles “Festival Kreol’’ is seeing more members of the business community stand up to be counted as its sponsors. Cable and Wireless Seychelles was the latest company to make its contribution to the 27th edition of Festival Kreol 2012 with a check worth 30,000 rupees.

In a small gathering at the company’s Exile Club, the Acting Executive Officer, Thomas Dauban, presented the check to Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism&Culture.

The Acting Executive Officer of Cable and Wireless Ltd., Thomas Dauban, said that the company’s corporate branch in Seychelles believes in the promotion of the island’s Creole diversity. “Creole has moved away from being simply a language, it is a way of life. In the Cable and Wireless Seychelles corporate branch, this way of life is manifested in our daily operations. Our workforce is 90% Seychellois, and through our team, we continue to remain a faithful partner of the annual Festival Kreol,” said the Acting Executive Officer of Cable and Wireless.

The Seychelles Minister for Tourism&Culture, Alain St.Ange said that it is important to thank companies that come forward to be counted as committed players who believe in social responsibility of local companies. Cable and Wireless Ltd. is one such company, which remains committed to the success of the island’s annual “Festival Kreol.”

“Without the contribution of dedicated partners like Cable and Wireless Ltd., the Festival’s organizing committee would not be in a position to organize such national events, which brings a high visibility to Seychelles. For this year’s 27th edition of the festival, Seychelles will witness to its shore a number of foreign press covering the event. Their presence in Seychelles will give a new promotional drive to the Festival and will bring added visibility for the name Seychelles,” said Minister St.Ange.


Minister St.Ange used his short address to the management and staff of Cable&Wireless to outline the Ministry of Tourism&Culture’s plan for corporate branding visibility in events organized by the Ministry.

Seychelles Cable and Wireless Ltd. is listed as the 14th sponsor of 2012 Festival Kreol.