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CAA drops Gatwick Airport investigation

CAA drops Gatwick Airport investigation

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is planning to drop its investigation Gatwick Airport (GAL) following a complaint by Flybe, according to reports.

Regional carrier Flybe made a formal complaint to the CAA that Gatwick unreasonably discriminated against it and other operators of small aircraft at the airport.

The complaint followed changes to the airport’s pricing structure which were put into effect on April 1st 2011. Landing charges were amongst those that were significantly pushed up.

Flybe expressed concern that the charge does not take into account the size or weight of landing aircraft.

Gatwick defended its decision saying the charging structure is based on objective criteria designed to ensure the most efficient use of scarce airport capacity.


After a preliminary assessment the CAA has ruled that Gatwick has an ‘objective justification for the new charging structure.

In a statement, the CAA said: “The CAA is currently not minded to investigate the complaint further. However, the CAA is now consulting stakeholders on this view, and is inviting representations from interested parties before 4 November 2011.”

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