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CAA data reveals north-south divide in satisfaction among UK airline passengers

CAA data reveals north-south divide in satisfaction among UK airline passengers

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has published its latest UK Aviation Consumer Survey, which shows passengers living in the north of England and Northern Ireland to be the most satisfied with their overall experience of flying from the UK.

The research also found consumers from London, the south-east and the West Midlands were the least satisfied with their overall experience.

The findings from this latest survey, the sixth carried out over the last two years, help inform the Civil Aviation Authority’s ongoing work on consumer behaviour and attitudes to flying.

Overall levels of consumer satisfaction dropped slightly, with 82 per cent across the UK saying they were satisfied with their most recent flight, compared to 83 per cent in the April 2018 survey and 90 per cent in 2016.

Among those who have flown in the last 12 months, people from Northern Ireland, the north-west and north-east were the most likely to be positive about their recent flying experience, with satisfaction rates of 87, 86 and another 86 per cent respectively.


Londoners and those in the West Midlands were at the bottom of the table, with just 76 and 80 per cent satisfied with their overall travel experience respectively.

Those from London showed below average satisfaction with their time on board the plane and the value for money.

Civil Aviation Authority policy director, Tim Johnson, said: “Our research helps to build a picture of how people across the UK view flying.

“Every six months, we track changes in consumer sentiment by region, providing a detailed picture of how well consumers feel they are served.

“While the numbers show a positive story overall, it is important for the industry to continue to improve in areas where consumers are less content, such as complaint handling.

“This is particularly important given new findings in this survey showing how poor complaint handling can make many consumers think twice about flying with an airline again.”