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Businesses flying high to success with flexible, affordable air travel

Businesses flying high to success with flexible, affordable air travel

UK Businesses are flying high to greater productivity and profitability thanks to flexible and affordable air travel from aircraft lease and travel company MPS Aviation.

By getting much closer to customer’s desired departure and destination points, MPS saves valuable time otherwise wasted on needless road travel. That translates directly into more time on the job, squeezing maximum value from costly staff time.

Making all this possible is MPS‘ seven-seater King Air aircraft, a 250 mile-an-hour turboprop with a notable and rare ability – it can use over 40% more airfields in the UK than the best performing business jets, putting many more towns and cities within easy reach.

Big name retail chains are already signed up for the service and finding they can get a lot more work done in a day, often visiting three or four locations instead of just one by car. “One household name group was able to visit several potential new store locations hundreds of miles apart and do it comfortably within a normal working day,” says MPS chief pilot Christine Newall. “There’s no way you could achieve that kind of productivity by any other means.”

Yet while the King Air delivers jet-like comfort and convenience, it is significantly less expensive to lease than either business jets or helicopters. Indeed, so cost-effective is it proving that one company is now using it to move other key staff, including sales trainers, around the UK, disproving the myth that such aircraft are only justifiable for executives.


Says Newall: “This version of the King Air has all the comfort of an executive jet, but can access many more airfields at much lower cost. As companies look to boost productivity, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing renewed interest in personalised travel, particularly when the aircraft can meet people at a local airfield of their choice, take them to pretty much anywhere in the UK where they can do a full day’s work, and then take them home again in time to put the children to bed.”

It’s case proven for multi-award-winning Derby law firm Flint Bishop where corporate specialist and partner Ran Oren said the MPS service offered more than just time and productivity benefits. “It’s possible we may be called at short notice to crucial business negotiations at the other end of the country. This service is quicker and often more cost effective to my clients than traditional means of transport.”

Conveniently based in central England, MPS routinely collects customers from airfields around the country for onward travel to destinations in the UK and Europe. It can then return them to their original point of departure or other chosen location. The company also operates a four-seater Cessna aircraft for smaller parties travelling to UK and near European destinations.

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