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Biz travellers say no to mobile phones on planes

A Business Travel Show survey carried out by You Gov has found that nearly half of people do not want mobile phones on planes despite the fact it could be a reality within months.

The Business Travel Show/You Gov survey was carried out between October 1 and 10 this year. 46 per cent of respondents disagreed or strongly disagreed that mobiles should be allowed on planes. This is double the number of voters - 23 per cent - who agreed or strongly agreed.

The anti-mobile feeling only grew stronger among regular business travellers, rising to 56 per cent against and just 16 per cent for, a difference of more than three passengers to every one.

“The results of the Business Travel Show/You Gov survey make it explicitly clear that the majority of travellers - particularly business travellers - do not want mobile phones on planes,” stated David Chapple, Business Travel Show event director.

“These figures support the feelings of the International Airline Passengers Association, so it’s interesting to read that airlines such as Air France, BMI and Ryan Air are already planning to install and test phone masts ahead of receiving the green light from the Civil Aviation Authority. We are keen to see if in-flight mobile use does take off or whether passenger action will ground it.”


The power that technology has on improving the experience of frequent travellers will be debated as part of the Business Travel Show conference programme on Thursday February 7 at 2.15pm. The debating panel will be made up of business travellers, business travel buyers and industry representatives, and organisers are expecting they will created a heated and interesting exchange of views.