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Dubai Maritime City demands green approach

Dubai Maritime City hasy instructed all developers and contractors to include green building principles in the design and construction of all buildings within the city, ensuring strict environmental compliance and long-term sustainability.According to the Maritime City’s Master Plan, all developers must obtain green building certification under the BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). In addition, all buildings in the Maritime City will be reviewed to assess the degree of compliance with the environmental requirements in terms of design, operations and best practices.

“It is imperative that we implement strict environmental standards, as the green building concept offers substantial long-term investment returns, and also guarantees optimised living and working conditions that protect the health of occupants and utilise resources more effectively. This initiative shows that we are determined to develop the Dubai Maritime City as a complete package that integrates the highest standards in all aspects of property development,” said Amer Ali, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Maritime City.

The key focus of the green building design will include energy consumption conservation measures such as reduced use of non-renewable sources; reduced production of waste pollutants; maximized opportunities for passive ventilation and cooling; enhanced indoor environmental air quality; enhanced community life; use of solar energy; specification of appropriate material performances; thermally efficient glazing; use of energy-efficient mechanical systems; incorporation of recycling strategies; and maximized opportunities for efficient water consumption.

The third and final phase of construction work on Dubai Maritime City is now underway and chiefly involves infrastructure development. On completion in 2009, the city will encompass Harbour Offices, Harbour Residences, the Maritime Centre, a Marina District, an Academic Quarter and the industrial quarter known as Jadaf Dubai.