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U.S. body wants carry-on luggage charge

The U.S. Coalition for Luggage Security is applauding Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska for his suggestion to reduce the number of bags that passengers may carry on board airliners from two to one.

This would give the screeners more time to check fewer items and speed up the boarding and deboarding process.

His proposal was included in an article published in the New York Times on Tuesday December 13, 2005 by Mathew L. Wald.

“The Coalition suggests charging for carry-on bags. This would help eliminate costly and time critical security checks during the boarding process by using these fees as a deterrent.

This could be added to a long list of other services that are presently being charged as outlined in a Mercury News article entitled, ‘Air Travelers face long list of new costs’. Curb side check in, $2.00 per bag; Tip to Skycap, $1.00 per bag; Suitcases over 50lbs, $25.00; Over sized suitcases, $100 per bag; More than 2 checked bags, $80 per bag,” said Harvey Abelson, Coalition Director.


“Travelers could be charged for bringing carry-on bags. Perhaps, they could even give those without carry-on bags a discount. Imagine what airports and the TSA could do with the extra screeners and equipment then left available. We could even start screening all cargo and suitcases that go into the hold of passenger airliners,” concluded Abelson.

“This formula could lead to more secure flights, more revenue for cash strapped airlines, and faster check-in for travelers. We still believe that separating passengers from their luggage by having the suitcases removed totally from the traveling process is the future of air travel in this country,” concluded Richard Altomare, President of the Coalition for Luggage Security.