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Avis offers AskMeNow mobile info

Avis will make the AskMeNow mobile lifestyle network available through Avis’ top 100 U.S. locations. Travelers across the U.S. will now be able to receive virtually all of the information from the Internet on their mobile phone from any location, any time.

Beginning in January, customers will be able to sign up easily using their mobile phones to get instant access to 411, flight times, restaurants and hotels, directions, weather, stock quotes, and sports, as well as other local information.

Avis customers may simply call a toll free number or text any question from their mobile phone and receive the requested information in moments. Avis encourages customers to use this service only when utilizing a hands-free device or when the car is pulled over.

In addition to free questions asked through AskMeNow’s automated templates, AskMeNow will waive the 49 cent fee for access to its AskMeAnything feature, which answers virtually any question from trivia to “Why is the sky blue(TM)” Avis customers may use the AskMeAnything feature free for 90 days.

“Millions of Avis customers will now have access to the ultimate travel companion,” said AskMeNow CEO Darryl Cohen. “When you get in your car and sign on, it will be comforting to know that wherever you go, AskMeNow can help you get the information that you need. AskMeNow makes any kind of traveling easier.”


“Avis is pleased to offer AskMeNow to its customers nationwide,” said Michael Caron, VP product development for Cendant Car Rental Group, parent of Avis. “Avis is the first to offer this groundbreaking service to its car renters. The ability to receive answers on-the-go is a tremendous asset to any traveler. Avis continues to provide its customers with the latest tools to make their travel easier and more convenient.”