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BET and Cable & Wireless to Bring Caribbean Music to the Masses

BET and Cable & Wireless have announced a partnership to share the music of the Caribbean with audiences worldwide. A series of feature programs covering the Sumfest music festival in Jamaica, Crop Over
festival in Barbados, and the 2006 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival celebration; will be produced by BET this summer, for airing during Autumn 2005/Spring 2006. “Our aim is to continue to create programming that’s as dynamic as
these incredible events themselves, and we are looking forward to doing this with Cable and Wireless” said Paxton Baker, Executive Vice President of BET Digital Networks.

“BET is one of the most watched and most popular channels in the Caribbean. BET Jazz’ programming has been appealing and popular with the adult Caribbean population for years,” explained Baker.

“With both channels being fully penetrated in the English speaking Caribbean, reaching over 500,000 households; and with over 80 million households in the US, this team of Viacom companies present Cable & Wireless with a powerful way to reach Caribbean youth and adults.”

The programs will be hosted by Maxine Williams and Caribbean celebrities, and will provide coverage of the concerts along with backstage interviews and insights into local island traditions.

“We are committed to the sharing of Caribbean culture not only across the islands but around the world,” said Rachelle Franklin, Senior Vice
President, Corporate Marketing, Cable & Wireless.


“At Cable & Wireless, we want to make sure of two things. First, we want to enhance worldwide recognition of Caribbean music and culture.  Second, we want to support new talent, doing our part to ensure that the tremendous musical tradition of the region continues to flourish.”

“The music of the Caribbean is well known the world over, and is the
foundation of much of our popular music today,” said Cybelle Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for BET Digital Networks.

“Sumfest, Crop Over and Trinidad Carnival are absolute highlights on the Caribbean musical calendar, featuring both well-established and up-and-coming musicians. Our goal is to capture the spirit of these events and share it with our audiences throughout North America and the Caribbean,” said Brown.