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BVI give financial assistance to Caribbean neighbours

The BVI Government is reporting that British Virgin Islands, sixty plus islands in the Caribbean were have not experienced any damage from the heavy hurricane season that has adversely impacted some of its Caribbean neighbours.
“To date, the British Virgin Islands have not experienced any substantial physical damage other than minor flooding due to high winds and heavy rains. We are hoping the worst of the storms have now passed the Caribbean region so those islands which have been affected can fully assess their situations and restore normalcy to their communities as quickly as possible,” said Dr. the Honorable D. Orlando Smith, Chief Minister and
Minster of Tourism of the British Virgin Islands Government.

Chief Minister Smith added, “Since the beginning of September, the
Government of the British Virgin Islands has rendered assistance to other
Caribbean countries, in the wake of severe damage and destruction that
Hurricanes Ivan and Frances caused in the region. We will continue to
provide assistance to our Caribbean neighbors as needed.”

Within the past several weeks, Chief Minister Smith has authorised US$30,000
in financial aid to help the people of Grenada in their restoration
efforts. The BVI has also donated $10,000 each to Jamaica and the Cayman

Financial assistance to Grenada, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
comes at a time when a BVI emergency relief team is already in Grenada
helping to restore operations there, in the wake of Hurricane Ivan’s
devastating path through the Caribbean.

BVI’s team in Grenada includes
representatives from the Department of Disaster Management, two members of
the Supplies Management team; three nurses, one doctor and a psychologist
from Crisis Intervention, and Government’s Health Disaster Coordinator.


Despite the active hurricane season in the Caribbean, a strong tourism
season continues to be predicted for the British Virgin Islands.
Commenting on the BVI’s fall tourism business, Mr. Kedrick Malone,
Director of the BVI Tourist Board, said, “The British Virgin Islands
tourism industry is open for business as usual. Several of our major
resorts and marinas, which were closed for refurbishing in September, will
reopen in the next few weeks and our marinas are geared up for what we
expect to be a good 2004-2005 Winter season. The British Virgin Islands
Tourist Board’s sales force is out making sales calls and attending trade
shows all around the United States and Europe to promote the Territory’s
tourism industry.”

Russell Harrigan, the Chairman of the BVI Tourist Board, added, “Our
resorts such as Little Dix, Peter Island, Biras Creek and the Bitter End
Yacht Club all have major events happening in the next few months and
these are moving ahead as planned. The BVI’s smaller properties, promoted
as the BVI Intimate Hideaways, are also rolling out new marketing
initiatives and our marine sector is celebrating some major anniversaries
in the coming months. We are hopeful that all of these positive promotions
will keep the market aware that the British Virgin Islands are open for
business as usual. We look forward to welcoming international travelers to
our pristine shores.”