Breaking Travel News and Deploy Cendant Technology

Open Roads Ltd. and TourKits Ltd. today announced an agreement to provide, an online travel retailer, and, an online tour operator, with access to Cendant TDS’ JumpStart Web Services technology.  In addition to its cost-saving benefits, and are adopting JumpStart Web Services for its easy integration, as well as to dynamically package multiple travel components obtained directly from the individual suppliers through real-time, seamless access to highly competitive rates. 

JumpStart Web Services is the industry’s first Web-based connectivity solution.  It was designed to provide tour operators and online travel retailers with highly flexible connectivity and transactional capabilities. Jumpstart provides connectivity to one of the most comprehensive portfolios of travel inventory in the industry through one easy connection. Using the latest Web services technologies with XML/SOAP/HTTP standards, JumpStart significantly reduces the cost of distribution by integrating existing distribution and CRS systems, and eliminating the need for substantial programming, telecommunications and manual processing expenses. 


Hospitality and leisure suppliers benefit from’s and’s JumpStart connectivity by having the ability to distribute more rates through automated channels, eliminating the need for costly and error-prone fax and manual processing between systems. In addition, hotel suppliers do not need to maintain any additional databases and they will pay significantly less than the typical GDS booking fee, making it an extremely viable distribution channel.



“With JumpStart, our clients will be able to access hotel and other supplier inventory at favorable rates in all parts of the world.  JumpStart Web Services is a cost-effective and reliable product that provides access to up-to-date rates and availability, from a vast network of supplier inventory, through a single channel.  We want to grow our business through more content, better rates, automated processes, reduced overhead and increased commissions.  We selected JumpStart Web Services as the best overall solution to help us do that.” said Len Wright, Managing Director, Open Roads Ltd and TourKits Ltd.


“We’re delighted to work together with Open Roads and provide them with access to one of the largest content databases in the industry,” said Andy Hermo, vice president, sales, marketing and account development for Cendant Travel Distribution Services Division.  With the growing competition in Europe, JumpStart is focused on providing tour operators and online travel retailers, like and, with customized and controllable connectivity solutions to suppliers’ inventories in a manner that substantially increases the efficiency of the transaction process, yet reduces the distribution costs for all parties.”