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BT Links up with Vodaphone UK

today announced firm plans to change the face of communications in the UK by dismantling the barriers between fixed and mobile services. BT is to work with Vodafone UK in its bid to offer fully-converged fixed-mobile services never seen before in the UK, in the first relationship of its kind in the world. BT Mobile’s total connections for consumers and business are now running at overÊ 20,000 a month. The link-up with Vodafone UK reinforces and builds upon BT’s presence in the business and consumer mobile markets, by extending the benefits currently available to BT’s mobility customers and taking them on to new levels of service.

BT customers will benefit from true fixed-mobile convergence by being able to communicate and access the same information and services however and wherever they want. No longer will they have to carry multiple devices, look up mobile address lists on different phones, or use more than one voicebank or phone number. The same personalised services will be available to them, whether they are connected to a fixed network or on the move.

BT’s goal is to generate around £1 billion of annual mobility and convergence revenues in five years.

Bill Morrow, chief executive officer of Vodafone UK, said: “This deal has huge attractions for both organisations.Ê As the mobile partner in BT’s convergence strategy,Ê this enables Vodafone UK to maximise its network and service assets while generating additional revenue from a new source. However, Vodafone UK remains fully committed to a mobile strategy and is happy to share the success of mobile communications.”

Pierre Danon, chief executive officer of BT Retail, said: “BT and Vodafone UK already have a close relationship, through BT’s provision of managed and wholesale services. Today’s announcement takes that relationship to another dimension.


“This is an excellent coming together of two strong brands from the mobile and fixed-line worlds with complementary strengths. This puts us in an ideal position to work together on convergence and offer customers the appealing package of trust and innovation. The fact that we are both global companies also means good news for our corporate customers with a presence outside the UK.

“It is a development that will play a key role in helping us build on our success to-date in offering mobile services to the business and consumer markets. It is a first relationship of its kind, going way beyond any normal service provision deal, as we will work closely on a number of fronts, with Vodafone UK providing the network services for BT’s internal and external requirements,” added Danon.