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Breaking Travel News interview: Rajeev Kumar, founder, Mystifly

Nominated as the World’s Leading Airline Consolidator by World Travel Awards, Mystifly offers best airfare deals on over 900 airlines across 70+ Countries on a single platform, making it the preferred choice of over 6,000 travel professionals across 60+ Countries.

Here founder Rajeev Kumar chats with Breaking Travel News editor about the development of the brand over the past six years.

Breaking Travel News: Could we begin with a brief overview of Mystifly, what is it you offer in the aviation market place?

Rajeev Kumar: Mystifly empowers travel businesses with Smart Air Fare pricing solutions.

Travel businesses have a plethora of fare types that cover over 900 airlines and for travel originating from 70 countries through Mystifly.

Our customers include tour operators, leisure travel agents, online travel agents, corporates and travel management companies across 60 countries.

BTN: You are based in India, are you activities focused there, or do you tend to take a more global perspective?

RK: Mystifly is headquartered in India but has incorporation in US, UK, Singapore, Brazil and Australia as well.

The internet has made this world flat and small and hence there is a wider spectrum for delivery of services.

Transformation from paper tickets to eTickets was a game changer and gave Mystifly an opportunity to setup a global business.

Mystifly air fare pricing services are used by our customers spread across 60+ Countries.

In all 16 of the top 25 UK travel management companies are Mystifly customers, while 62 OTAs in 60 countries now use Mystifly’s consumer APIs.

BTN: Mystifly recently launched its new air travel management solution 247 TravelDesk. What can you tell us about that?

RK: 247 TravelDesk is an approval and self-booking tool from Mystifly exclusively for corporate while it can be white-labelled for TMCs.

The platform enables employees to self-book and manage complex, multi-segment itineraries.

It is an easy to use booking system that helps control high travel expenses, ad-hoc bookings and cancellations, inconsistency in approvals and ensures policy adherence.

Corporate employees can select from the widest range of airfare content (900+ airlines) including traditional full service airlines as well as low cost airlines (250+ LCCs).

The tool allows the traveller to create an integrated super PNR where-in the flight, hotel and car reservation can be merged and managed with a single PNR.

The user has a choice to use mobile or web to transact.

BTN: Mystifly has been nominated as World’s Leading Airline Consolidator at the World Travel Awards. How does it feel to be recognised in this way and what would it mean to the company to win?

RK : The last six years have been very eventful and exciting at Mystifly.

In those years we have grown into one of the largest air fare sources globally.

Being nominated in the category of World’s Leading Airline Consolidators is a humbling experience and indeed a recognition of our contribution to our customers.

A win from here would make us even more obliged to improvise and provide advanced solutions to empower travel businesses across the globe with the best of technology innovations.