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Mystifly defends World’s Leading Airline Consolidator title at World Travel Awards
Preetham Narayan, chief operating officer, Mystifly, centre left, celebrates with World Travel Awards president Graham Cooke

Mystifly defends World’s Leading Airline Consolidator title at World Travel Awards

Mystifly has been awarded the title of World’s Leading Airline Consolidator by the prestigious World Travel Awards, taking the title for the second time in a row.

With a comprehensive network of airfares consolidated from 900-plus airlines, multi-GDS and 70 or more point of sale countries, Mystifly has held this title since 2015.

Till September this year, Mystifly’s marketplace platform transacted half a million transactions from customers in 60 countries, covering 28,000 unique city pairs, connecting 190 countries.

World Travel Awards conducts an exhaustive voting process for nominations to select the recipient in different categories.

As a thought leader in the airfare consolidation domain, Mystifly has consistently demonstrated scalability, sustainability and performance in its supplier network and technology platform.

“While we keep our efforts focused on honing our technology capabilities and scaling our services to the next level, this award that comes to us a second time, gives a huge impetus and encouragement boost. We surely look forward to it again next year!” said Rajeev Kumar, founder, Mystifly.

“The entire credit for this achievement goes to Team Mystifly that keeps pushing the envelope tirelessly all year.

“And I also extend sincere gratitude to our customers around the globe; without their patronage, we would never reach here,” he added.

With other advanced product offerings and a futuristic roadmap, Mystifly is empowering over 2,500 customers globally to service air travellers better while making significant technological advancements.