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Mystifly launches new aviation retail platform

Mystifly launches new aviation retail platform

Mystifly has launch a next-generation airline retailing and shopping API platform.

With the introduction of a branded fares feature and supporting ancillary product sales, the new system is a one-stop-shop for all airline shopping needs for travel intermediaries.

Airline Shopping and Retailing Hub ASR1.0 combines low-cost carriers and full-service airline retailing into a single API platform.

Over the years, airline’s offerings were restricted around a seat selling approach that led to price-driven competition and commoditising the offerings.

This meant what each airline was offering was indistinguishable from the competition product.


Limitation of a seat-centric approach on account of the intermediary distribution platforms also meant online travel resellers lacking the ability to offer diverse fare choices with ancillary services to their travellers.

Mystifly bridges this gap.

The platform’s offering benefits travellers with more itinerary options, more upgraded fares and more flight services with convenience to compare the options at once place.

Travel intermediaries can now help travellers personalise their travel by adding other ancillary services to their cart which increases profits and drives airline brand loyalty.

Over 20 large global airlines have joined this retailing revolution and with more airlines in the pipeline.

“Over a decade, Mystifly has grown to be a thought leader in the airline retailing industry.

“With this enhancement, we want to address industry’s current distribution limitations and ensure a transparent shopping experience.

“We believe that the efforts taken to enhance our airfare offerings will benefit our travel partners to create better experiences for their travellers and drive brand loyalty for forward looking airlines,” said Rajeev Kumar, chief executive of Mystifly.

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Mystifly has been voted the World’s Leading Airline Consolidator for the past five years by the World Travel Awards.