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bmi regional launches four new direct routes in Norway

bmi regional launches four new direct routes in Norway

bmi Regional has launched a new service linking the two fastest growing regions in Norway - Stavanger and Northern Norway.

The new routes mean Norwegians can now fly direct, non-stop to Harstad/Narvik Airport (Evenes) and Tromsø - important hubs for the Norwegian oil and gas industry - without having to connect via Oslo.

Similarly, new direct flights to Kristiansund and Gothenburg have also commenced.

The announcement that bmi Regional’s four new routes have start has been widely welcomed by Norwegian city municipalities and the business community, as it represents the culmination of extensive work by industry and the public sector to achieve enhanced air connectivity between these key regional locations.

“The 2013 Fly Arctic Survey, carried out by the municipalities of Hammerfest, Tromsø, Harstad, Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen, Stavanger Airport Sola and Greater Stavanger, revealed that Norwegian businesses could save significant time and money with the creation of a direct route between Stavanger-Harstad and Stavanger-Tromsø,” said commercial director, Stavanger Airport, Ina Eldøy.

“We are delighted that bmi regional are delivering on this opportunity and we wish them every success.”

The services linking Stavanger to Harstad/Evenes and Tromsø in the far north of Norway are predicted to provide savings of NOK400 million to the Norwegian oil and gas industry.