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Ben Gurion International Airport returns to full capacity

Ben Gurion International Airport returns to full capacity

The Israel Airports Authority management has announced that Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion International Airport will return to full activity by summer 2017.

In light of the “Open Skies” agreement announced in 2013, the number of low cost flights into Israel has increased significantly, with many carriers departing from Terminal 1.

As a result, there will be a new VIP lounge, more duty free shops and restaurants for all passengers departing from the airport to enjoy.

In addition, there will also be nine new gateways opening to accommodate the increase in interest to fly to Israel by low cost carriers.

Israel Katz, Israel transportation minister said: “Three years ago we signed the “Open Skies Agreement” with the EU, and since then there has been a significant increase in the number of flight destinations, number of travellers and number of low cost companies operating in Israel.


“With the signing of the agreement, I instructed the Israel Airports Authority to prepare Terminal 1 for operation of low cost flights and in 2017 the terminal will open to full international activity, including the opening of duty-free shops. 

“The Open Skies Reform has increased available destinations and has lowered airfares, which have become affordable for all.

“I am proud that despite all the objections, we signed an agreement with Europe and have taken an additional step in lowering the cost of travelling to Israel.”