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Avis revamps online training programme

Avis revamps online training programme

Avis has revamped its online training programme, giving agents access across all devices, including mobile and introducing fun new games in with the serious educational.

There is now the flexibility to complete the training away from the desk if preferred – on the daily commute, at home, waiting for an appointment – or wherever is most convenient.

With a completely new look and feel, the training programme is split into six key modules – all about Avis, pick up and drop off, booking benefits, selling tips, why Avis and jargon.

The new platform also features downloadable driving USA and Canada guides and ‘Avis Made Easy’ with click through destination, location and fleet guides, which update automatically making sure agents have the most up-to-date information, plus access to the Avis leisure agents’ booking site.

Avis Budget Group EMEA head of UK travel and international strategic accounts Connie Georgiou said: “The new Avis Training Academy is very user friendly and designed to ensure agents are aware of Avis products and also to help agents think pro-actively, to maximise their sales of car hire and to fine tune their customer service skills, by ensuring customers have the correct car and facilities. 


“The Jargon module in the new programme is proving popular, it’s a dry subject but by turning it into a game – dragging the correct answer over a car number plate – we’ve introduced an element of fun!”