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ASTA announces election results

ASTA announces election results

ASTA has announced its election results. Elected national directors-at-large who will serve for a two-year term are Lois Howes; John I. Lovell, CTC;  Scott Pinheiro; and Karl Rosen, all elected to their first two-year term; and Nina Meyer, CTC, MCC, DS, elected to her second two-year term. National directors serving the second year of their two-year terms are Susan H. Aft, ACC; Laura Rodriguez-Verbera; Chris Russo; and Carol Wagner.

ASTA’s governance structure calls for a Board of Directors that consists of nine national directors elected at-large for two-year staggered terms, three chapter presidents, the chair of the International Chapter Presidents’ Council (ICPC), and two Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) members. The Chapter Presidents Council elected at its recent meeting the following chapter presidents to sit on the board—Steve Powers (Long Island Chapter and CPC chair), Jason Coleman (Southern California Chapter) and Leo Zabinski (Carolinas Chapter).

The 2011-12 board, which will come together for the first time in September at ASTA’s Travel Retailing and Destination Expo, will be composed of Susan H. Aft, ACC, director-at-large; Lois Howes, director-at-large; John I. Lovell, CTC, director-at-large; Nina Meyer, CTC, MCC, DS, director-at-large; Scott Pinheiro, director-at-large; Laura Rodriguez-Verbera, director-at-large; Karl Rosen; director-at-large; Chris Russo, director-at-large; Carol Wagner, director-at-large; Lee Thomas, CTC, CAC-member director (CAC chair); John Rose, CAC-member director (CAC vice chair); Steve Powers (Long Island Chapter), Chapter Presidents Council chair; Jason Coleman (Southern California Chapter), CPC representative; Leo Zabinski (Carolinas Chapter), CPC representative; and ICPC chair (to be elected at next ICPC meeting).

The Board of Directors will elect the Executive Committee at the board meeting to be held in Las Vegas prior to ASTA’s Travel Retailing & Destination Expo.

ASTA wishes to thank the following outgoing board and Chapter Presidents Council members for their years of dedication and service to ASTA and its members—directors-at-large Patrick R. Byrne, CLU; Dan Lanser, CTC; Irene Ross, CTC; and Hope Wallace, CTC; and Chapter Presidents Council members Donna W. Thomas (Delaware Valley);  John I. Lovell, CTC (Great Lakes); Raymond Miyashiro (Hawaii); Mike Spinelli Jr. (New England); Scott Pinheiro (Northern California); Karl Rosen (Orange County); and Merris Gold-Drew (San Diego).


Following is a list of chapter positions:

Carolinas Chapter—President Leo Zabinski, Vice President Doris LaFever, Secretary Brenda Newsome and Treasurer Kaye Jones.

Central Atlantic Chapter—President Larry Swerdlin, First Vice President Richard Schwartz, Second Vice President Mary Peters, Secretary E. Heather Dolstra and Treasurer Lynda Maxwell.

Delaware Valley Chapter—President Maya Northen, Vice President Robert T. Walters Jr. and Secretary Kari Thomas. The treasurer’s position is vacant.

Great Lakes Chapter—President JoAnne Kochneff, Vice President (Michigan) Christopher Wommer, Vice President (Wisconsin) Donna Cooper, Secretary Kathryn Ayala and Treasurer Lisa Hoppe.

Hawaii Chapter—President Patricia Tervola, Vice President/Secretary Rachel R. Shimamoto and Treasurer Rodney Lau.

Long Island Chapter—President Steve Powers, First Vice President Carol McParland, Second Vice President Gerald W. Mack, Secretary Laura C. Carroll and Treasurer Nilda Pinales.

Mid America Chapter—President Chris Seddelmeyer, First Vice President William Coyle, Second Vice President Robert Elking, Secretary Pamela Faust and Treasurer Barbara J. Mazzola.

New England Chapter—President Gabriel Garavanian, Vice President Robert Poland and Secretary Theresa Strauss. The treasurer’s position is vacant.

Maine Subchapter—President Franklin Emery, Vice President Andrew C. Holmes, Secretary Charlene Marinaro and Treasurer Patricia Peightal.

New York City Chapter—President Alice Tillem, Vice President Ralph J. Vasami, Secretary Mary Evans, Treasurer Melissa Cruz, Vice President (Queens) Jack D. Tillem, Vice President (Brooklyn/Staten Island) Robert J. Paradiso, Vice President (Manhattan) Joann Costagliola and Vice President (Bronx and agents in Westchester) Barbara Colombo.

Northern California Chapter—President Marilyn Bell Zelaya, First Vice President Ryan McGredy, Second Vice President Annette Weber, Secretary Paul G. Demers and Treasurer Ginger Child Minoletti.

Orange County Chapter—President Beverly Zukow, First Vice President Betty Cox, Second Vice President Thomas Jackson, Secretary Paula Singleton and Treasurer Richard DeRose.

San Diego Chapter—President Patricia Hager, First Vice President Yvon Jr Chaperon, Secretary Donna Caruso and Treasurer Merris Gold-Drew. The second vice president’s position is vacant.


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