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Annual Seychelles BENELUX Tourism Roadshow going from strength to strength

Annual Seychelles BENELUX Tourism Roadshow going from strength to strength

After completing its successful week, taking the Seychelles destination and its selective products through various parts of Benelux in the form of luxurious presentations provided by the Seychelles Tourism Board and hotel partners, the Seychelles continues to be a firm favorite among the Belgian, Dutch, and Luxembourg travel professionals.

This was clearly seen in the successful turnout of travel agents during the events in the different cities strategically chosen by the Seychelles Tourism Board in France.
The events were held in a “train and dine” format proving most popular among the attendees – both faithful and potential partners.

The success of this 2nd Escapades Benelux – the dedicated Seychelles road show organized by the Seychelles Tourism Board in France - has been a popular and possible event, just like the one held in France for the last 8 years due to the continuous support and efforts of its faithful trade partners. This strong partnership between the local partners and the Seychelles Tourism Board in France has contributed to the overall awareness of the destination, and for the past 2 years, Seychelles has seen an increase in figures from those three countries – Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

The sixteen-strong member delegations after that market were led by the Seychelles Tourism Board European Director in France, Bernadette Willemin, and her Benelux Account Manager, Ms. Karen Confait. The various partners were: Banyan Tree Seychelles – Tinaz Wadia; Hotel Coco de Mer and Black Parrot Suites – Ash Behari; Indian Ocean Lodge and Denis Island Private – Ravinia Larue and Anna Pothin; Ste. Anne Beachcomber Resort and Spa – Sandra Ober; Le Domaine de l’Orangeraie and Cat Cocos – Apolline Schreck; Constance Hotels Experience – Laetitia Martin; Hilton Seychelles – Devis Pentamah and Etienne Galiez; Kempinski Seychelles – Eric Fiat; Four Seasons Seychelles – Maud Licari and Rachael Pialat; Bird Island Lodge – Nicholas Savy; and Bat O Bleu - Kristof Van der Schueren .

Attendance was enhanced due to the presence and support of the various Belgian and Dutch tour operators and their representatives.


The rendezvous is set for the next escapades Benelux, January 21-24, 2013. In the meantime, the Seychelles Tourism Board in France continues its geographical footprint further into Benelux through the various activities planned for the year, bringing the Seychelles destination into greater focus. The next appointment with both the trade and the consumer is the Salons de Vacances in Brussels.