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Amadeus Airline Fare Families launches in Europe

Amadeus Airline Fare Families launches in Europe

Amadeus has said it is working with two airlines to help them significantly advance their merchandising capabilities through travel sellers, both corporate and leisure-focused, by using Amadeus Airline Fare Families.

Finnair and Brussels Airlines are launching the display module of the Amadeus solution with travel agency partners Finland Travel Bureau and Sirius Travel in test markets. 

Once the complete solution is launched, Airlines will be able to:

  • Package booking classes, fares and services into branded products for the travel agency channel, each associated with a name that reflects its attributes.
  • Significantly differentiate their offer from those of their competitors, through a comparison of fares that is based on service and value as well as price.
  • Maximise revenues thanks to an upsell module, which provides relevant, targeted offers to travellers.

“Personalising and merchandising our product in the most effective way is a critical objective for Finnair.

“Amadeus Fare Families is an important step in our journey to deliver the most attractive offer to the customer” said Allister Paterson, chief commercial officer, Finnair.

He added: “As consumer travel needs evolve, travellers are looking for fares that offer them diffrentiation and value, not simply a low cost.

“This new fare families capability enhances our ability to deliver choice and value to our customers via our travel agency partners.”

At this stage, the two airlines are launching the display module of Amadeus Fare Families.

This module will enable the carriers to package booking classes and to show the name of the fare family as well as the services offered (plus those available at an extra cost), allowing for an apples-to-apples comparison.

The complete solution will be available worldwide as of 2014.

Amadeus already works with 110 airlines to display fare families on their websites.