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Aja Malibu set to redefine wellness travel with spring opening

Aja Malibu set to redefine wellness travel with spring opening

Restore, rejuvenate, transform and reactive your inner spark at Aja Malibu.

Located in the Malibu Mountains on 23 ocean-view acres once owned by President Roosevelt, Aja Malibu is a luxury-boutique mountain retreat for the health and wellness-seeking connoisseur.

Aja incorporates deep earth wisdom with ancient wisdom teachings from around the world to create its signature residential programme, “The Magick Process”.

This immersive mind-body-spirit tune up and restorative cleanse is designed to support the re-alignment and balancing of the body’s seven energy systems known as ‘chakras,’ and reconnect people to the beauty, magick and mystery of life.

Aja Malibu is a lifelong dream for its owner, Australian mystic and artist Inannya Magick, who spent seven years transforming the property into the ‘Garden of Eden’ sanctuary it is today. 


With seven guest rooms, seven gardens and a seven-night offering Aja is a haven unlike any other.

Aja’s holistic focus harnesses the wisdom of ancient cultures and earth wisdom which is seen incorporated in the plant-based cuisine, rituals and ceremonies, and the healing spa therapies which utilize biodynamically home-grown herbs as well as a combination of flower, colour, light, sound and crystal therapies that support optimum energetic alignment and an overall feeling of wellness.

In addition to the seven themed chakra gardens, Aja also hosts a fun apothecary room where guests can play and make their own herbal golden elixirs as well as enjoy DIY bath-body-beauty workshops that empower women and men alike to utilise everyday plants that are easily and readily accessible.

Aja is devised to be a ‘home with a heart’ rather than a just a hotel.

The attention to artisan detailing includes: walls and walkways embedded with thousands of crushed rose quartz crystals to channel the energy of the heart and blessings carved into the walkways and walls. 

Aja is filled with auspicious statues and artefacts collected from the owners pilgrimages throughout North Africa, Nepal, Peru, Indonesia, India and the Australian Outback, all with fascinating stories to tell.

Every detail of the interior has been made with holistic consciousness including the use of natural reclaimed FCS-certified timbers, sustainable cooling systems, solar powered radiant heat, organic sheets, towels and robes and all natural latex hypo-allergenic and dust mite free mattresses.

Each day you will participate in a mix of daily wisdom workshops, tea ceremonies, edible garden tours, experiential nature exercises, fire and moon ceremonies, meditation and daily hikes in the local canyons for which Malibu famous.

All-inclusive rates start at $10,000 per person for a seven-night stay and includes up to 28 spa treatments, all workshops and materials, food and naturopathic supplementation.

Aja Malibu will open in spring 2016.