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Airbnb launches business traveller booking feature

Airbnb launches business traveller booking feature

Airbnb has announced the launch of a new tool that allows employees to book business travel for co-workers.

As business travel has tripled in growth on Airbnb in 2016, this new feature allows business partners like travel managers and executive assistants to be able to book Airbnb listings on behalf of other employees.

This new tool adds a whole new dimension to the way companies are able to book listings for all their business travel needs.

Before today, users were unable to designate other travellers in the checkout flow.

Starting today, when employees use Airbnb for Business, co-workers can easily book for someone else.


Then, both the employee who is managing travel and the employee who is taking the trip can see the trip details, make changes to the reservation and message the Airbnb host with questions about the listing or neighbourhood.

“More and more business travellers are choosing to stay with Airbnb while they are on the road, so they get the chance to not just visit , but live in a city, even if it’s for one night,” said Lex Bayer, head of global payments and business development at Airbnb.

“Our hosts offer more than just generic hospitality, they help travellers live in the heart of local neighbourhoods.

“We are excited that this product update will introduce a whole new segment of business travelers to this experience.”

For more information on business travel on Airbnb, visit the official website.