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Don’t let summer slip away without an outdoor getaway

Don’t let summer slip away without an outdoor getaway

Labor Day is already 54 days away, and with it, the unofficial end of summer.  For those yearning for the great outdoors and accompanying fresh air, lake views and indescribable ambiance of a treehouse in the woods, the time to book is now.

We have already seen the desire to get outdoors this year is high. In fact, in the US in Q1 20221:

- Barn stay bookings increased over 65% since 2019.
- Cabin stay booking increased over 50% since 2019.
- Campsite stay bookings increased over 120% since 2019.
- Dome stay bookings increased over 60% since 2019.
- Treehouse stay bookings increased over 60% since 2019.

While many may dream of taking in a sunrise and hearing song birds from a treetop canopy this summer, they may not know where to begin. Earlier this year, we introduced a new way to search that makes it easy to discover millions of homes and places you never knew existed, with Airbnb Categories.

Guests can also explore more incredible outdoor getaways from lake stays and countryside getaways to treehouses and cabins at:

For those curious about the most popular destinations by outdoor category, here are the top US cities by respective category:

- Cabin: Asheville, NC
- Campsite: Orlando, FL
- Dome: Seattle, WA
- Treehouse: Gatlinburg, TN
- The opportunity to earn

There are also significant opportunities to earn for current or prospective Hosts with properties in outdoor-related categories. Across the US, these were the highest-earning outdoor categories for the latter portion of last summer2:

- Farm stay: Hosts earned over $6,200,000
- RV: Hosts earned nearly $1,800,000
- Treehouse: Hosts earned nearly $1,750,000
- Barn: Hosts earned over $800,000
- Tent: Hosts earned approximately $775,000

For anyone now interested in hosting this summer, there is still time: New listings that were activated and booked in Q1 2022 are getting booked faster compared to a year ago and prospective Hosts in the US can learn more about how much they could earn by sharing their space on Airbnb through the What’s My Place Worth tool. The interactive tool computes the estimated income based on geography, type of listing, and also uses prior Airbnb booking data in the area. For more information, visit