Breaking Travel News awaits Red Bull Air Race awaits Red Bull Air Race, one of Asia`s leading hotel booking sites and part of Nasdaq-listed Priceline Group, has a fantastic selection of hotels in Putrajaya, Malaysia, for the Red Bull Air Race, the fastest motorsport competition in the world.

The Red Bull Air Race was conceived in 2001 as an advanced aerial challenge to test the limits of speed, maneuverability, and precision during flight. It was dreamed up as a complement to the other extreme sports events the energy drink sponsored, including ice climbing, BASE jumping, and cliff diving. Previous events have been held in Abu Dhabi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Perth, Australia. The Malaysian leg of the event will be held on May 17 and 18.

To make an air race both accessible to the public and safe for the pilots was a huge challenge for the organisers. This required Red Bull to put the series on hold for three years as they revamped the planes, the courses, and rules. The revamped 2014 season will allow the crowds to continue to enjoy watching pilots zip, dive and turn in some of the world`s most amazing locations at speeds of up to 400km/h, while protecting the safety of the pilots and crew.

The pilots have been itching for the series to return. This year twelve of them will vie for the top prize, with an additional eight competing for the Challenger Cup, a secondary race for junior pilots who have not reached world champion status. The pilot with the fastest time and fewest penalties will be named world champion.

Beyond the air race, the city of Putrajaya is well worth a visit in its own right. Developed in the mid-1990s on 46 sq. km. of land, the city was designed with a focus on large green areas, wide, well-planned roads, and a high quality of life for its 75,000 residents. The air race will be centered on Putrajaya Lake, a 1,600 acre man-made body of water ringed by running trails and stately mosques, and crossed by high-tech bridges. Seeing the specially built acrobatic airplanes zooming through obstacles just a few dozen feet above the water will be a thrilling experience.


Tickets are available now, and attendees can choose from several different zones. These include everything from the plush Race Club seats, which offer a closed sound system, food, and an unobstructed view of the race, to different zones around the lake with varying views and backdrops.