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Accor boosts green credentials with Fonciere des Murs

Accor boosts green credentials with Fonciere des Murs

Accor and Fonciere des Murs, which are both committed to ambitious sustainable development strategies, announce the signing of “green leases” for all the 152 buildings leased by Accor and owned by Fonciere des Murs, reflecting the strong momentum behind their partnership and responsibility policy.

Accor is deeply committed to sustainability and established a Sustainable Development Department as early as 1994 with the chief aim of controlling the environmental impact of its activities.

In 2011, Accor published a comprehensive study of its environmental footprint which confirms the importance of controlling energy and water consumption and waste production in its hotels in order to reduce its impact on ecosystems.

Fonciere des Murs, a subsidiary of Fonciere des Regions, is aware of sustainability imperatives and keen to limit the environmental impact of its buildings.

It is a “green lease” pioneer in France. This initiative is part of its partnership policy with “key account” tenants, like Accor.

Fonciere des Murs has already signed “green leases”, notably with French restaurant chain Courtepaille, and intends to extend this policy to all its tenant partners.

This initiative adds a new dimension to the partnership between the two companies.

Accor and Fonciere des Murs are committed to collaborating by sharing data, exchanging good practices and conducting joint surveys to further protect the environment.

Their collaboration focuses on a variety of fields, including energy, metrology, bio-diversity as well as on much more innovative topics pertaining to building monitoring and maintenance.