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ABTA issues new call for government support

ABTA issues new call for government support

Convened by ABTA, the Save Future Travel Coalition has written to the UK treasury and other relevant departments with a joint budget submission.

The travel industry group has outlined plans for tailored support for the sector.

The letter highlights the strategic and economic importance of both outbound and inbound travel, and the serious situation that businesses face.

It is signed the leaders of ABTA, Advantage Travel Partnership, AITO, ATAS, the BTA, the SPAA, SBiT, the Travel Network Group and UKinbound.

Setting out a plan to save future travel, which includes changes to quarantine policy, the introduction of testing and the granting of an APD holiday, the coalition explains that with the right policy and regulatory support the government can save jobs and ensure the viability of the travel industry.


Luke Petherbridge, director of public affairs at ABTA, said: “Through the Save Future Travel Coalition, we are uniting behind common asks and seeking to amplify the voice of travel.

“Our message is clear, travel is a critical strategic sector for the entire UK economy, which underpins the air routes and other transport links that are vital for the UK’s global trade.

“Failure to support the travel sector will setback the UK’s economic recovery, and it’s vital the government acts quickly to support businesses and retain jobs.”

Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye earlier warned the UK could face serious economic consequences if action was not taken to protect the aviation sector, while IATA issued a similar caution.