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£169,768,300 generated in travel income by the UEFA Champions League

£169,768,300 generated in travel income by the UEFA Champions League

London and Manchester have missed out on a total of £4,033,800 in hospitality and transport revenue as a result of Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City not making it to the final 16 in the UEFA Champions League, according to research by Onefootball and travel search engine,

The two companies have partnered to better understand the effect the UEFA Champions League has on the transportation and tourism industry across Europe.

The findings clearly show the amazing reach the sport has across the continent, with the combined income for host cities created by visiting fans reaching £169,768,300.

Potential income for a city will rise to £2,016,300 for passing the group stage and up to £4,032,600 for the semi-finals. British clubs Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City could all have made an extra £1,344,200 each for their home city if they had passed the final 16.

For hosting the final on 6th June, Berlin is expected to earn £25,938,900 in accommodation, transportation, food and beverage sales, souvenirs and other expenditures.


Journeys across Europe for the UEFA Champions League in numbers:

Of 215 games there will be 778,700 journeys taken by away fans. Of this….

*  272,500 will journey by train
*  241,400 will journey by bus
*  264,800 will journey by plane

The research focused on the costs of transport and accommodation and did not factor in the cost of match tickets in the calculations. However, average tourist expenses (inner city transport, expenses and dining from EGATUR) along with GoEuro’s own beer price and accommodation indexes were used to calculate how much cities could make throughout the competition. is the number one football information app in the World with over 19 million downloads.