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Travel insights 100 launches first survey, “All about Twitter”

Travel insights 100 launches first survey, “All about Twitter”
On Monday, September 21, 1009, Travel Insights 100 officially launched, it is officially described as a partnership between UpTake, Sentias and BootsnAll Travel Network. But it is more than that, it is really a partnership of 100 members interested in learning about and informing others about all aspects of travel.

Travel Insights 100 members are experts from across the travel industry and around the world. Each member volunteered to share their knowledge and experience with the group and provide valuable and insightful feedback to benefit the travel community.

Each member also agreed to respond to surveys designed to gather their opinions on travel-industry related subjects covering social media, topical news stories and trends.The first survey asked the members about their use of Twitter, their predictions, and how a consumer could use it for travel.

Here is a recap of the coverage on the survey results. It was covered by the Travel Insight members and other leading publications in the travel sphere:

This Just In Blog

Check out "This Just In" for a summary of the predictions



Sean O’Neill of This Just In, Budget Travel–recapped the member’ predictions on Twitter’s future in 140 characters or less. My favorite was #6, “At some point they’re going to want money from someone.”  Don’t we all.

vera's logo

A Traveler's Library delivered an insightful post summarizing results

Vera Marie Badertscher at A Traveler’s Library delved into the data to see how traveler’s used twitter. It was not too surprising to find that 97% of the respondents are on twitter, and 56% checked Twitter more than four times a day. As she said, ” it is safe to say that this is a very social-networking-kind-of-group.”


PhocusWright offered guidance throughout the launch process

Joe Buhler, at PhocusWright, declared the survey, “contains some revealing statistics and comments about this hot micro-blogging tool many can no longer imagine doing business without.” Thanks, Joe.

We also want to thank the team at PhocusWright for their support, encouragement and advice throughout the launch of this project. Based on the service we received, other firms should call PhocusWright immediately for all their research needs.  The PhocusWright team is simply incredible.



Scott Carmichael at Gadling, commented that “Travel Insights 100 reveals the importance of Twitter in the Travel World” and showcased the slideshare of the results. He also declared the group, “a real who’s who in the travel industry.  (Yes, he is a member.) But I agree, it can grow to be a powerful voice.  I also want to thank Willy Volk of Gadling for his help. Their involvement began as a business call about another subject and evolved into seven of the Gadling members joining.

Hotel I Tour

Hotel I Tour

Claude Benard, a respected consultant to the hotel and tourism industry discussed the survey results on his acclaimed blog, HotelITour, and gave a review of the entire program., the online source for online travel and hospitality news showcased the survey results by summarizing the travel bloggers take on Twitter.

BootsnAll Travel Network

BootsnAll Travel Network

Sean Keener of BootsnAll, titled his post, “How Does Twitter Fit Into Your Backpack?“  As he said, “the most interesting answers were how businesses and people can use Twitter effectively and how it can be used for travel planning.

Examiner discusses social media & travel

Examiner discusses social media & travel

Sarah Brown at the Examiner summarized the All About Twitter survey results and selected her favorite insight from the survey results, “Don’t be boring.” She also posted a helpful list of the Hot Hotels on Twitter in the same article.  Check it out if you are interested in hotels that use Twitter effectively.

If you want to learn more about Travel Insights 100 or the survey, here are more helpful links with all the details:

1.  Travel Insights 100 site for a list of members, twitter accounts, blog posts and research:

2. Social media release for a fact check or two:

3. Slideshare summary for a quick PowerPoint summary:

4. Original research, if you really love data:

5.  To follow Travel Insights 100 on Twitter with one click:

6. The Travel Insight 100 Twitter account is: @ti100

We hope to see you and the rest of the travel world on Twitter.