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How Twitter and a Blog can improve your Google Search Ranking

Get Greater impact from Twitter on your Website Search Ranking:

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the recently announced Google / Twitter deal is that Google can now see all those links that are tweeted.

Links have always been the secret sauce for getting your Website to rise above others to the first page – or even the top of the first page of the search results. The image above says it all.

Turn your Website into a Blog to get the most of Twitter


GET BLOGGING! No matter what business you are in. Produce real time content that your community will love. The more you do it, the more you will benefit.

Here’s why:

  • Each Tweet is a Web page on a Website with high authority granted by Google –
  • Using Twitter, people are helping Google rank Webpages in real time by linking to them.
  • If your content is good, Retweeted links will produce more incoming links to your content.
  • Links in Tweets can point to Webpages of all kinds but most tweeted links go to Blog posts.
  • Tweets are generally about real time, current news and content.  What is more tweet-worthy (if it’s not a word it should be – get with it spell checker): a Website that is updated seasonally or a Blog that is updated daily?
  • Tweeted links may have higher time-sensitive value that degrades over time.
  • Your Website is not likely to generate much interest if you tweet about it constantly.
  • Blogs are platforms for producing link-worthy content frequently.

Conclusions: How Twitter can improve your Website Search Ranking

Blog posts that provide value to your twitter community by featuring news, podcasts, video, photos, stories can earn you considerably more link juice and lead to increased position in the Google Search results.