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Enjoy the last days of the winter: What to do in Canada in March

Winter is soon coming to an end, but for those who love winter holidays, it is still possible to enjoy winter sports (and more) if you travel to Canada during this month of March. However, you will have to everything quickly for this last minute trip. Fortunately, applying for an eTA Canada will not be a problem, as the electronic visa for Canada is usually approved in just a few hours.

March is still very cold in most parts of Canada, and snow and cold temperatures are common. If you want to ski, or practice other winter sports, like snowboarding, this is still possible in many destinations in Canada. However, Canada is a vast country with big climate variations, which means that you can also enjoy spring weather conditions in some parts of the country. We have selected for you some of the best things to do in Canada in March.

March is still peak season for snow sports in Canada. The most popular ski resorts in Canada at this time of the year are in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia and Alberta, which are easily accessible form Vancouver, Edmonton or Calgary. There, you can practice a myriad of winter sports, from skiing, to snowshoeing, dogsledding of ice walking. If you also want to enjoy the wonders of Canadian nature, the beautiful town of Banff, located within the Banff National park, offers you beautiful mountain scenery, as well as three ski fantastic ski resorts.

Enjoy the natural beauty of Canada
Canada is world-renowned for its stunning natural beauty and untouched landscapes. These are some of the most beautiful destinations in Canada if you love nature and wilderness:

Niagara Falls
Located in the border between Canada and the United States, the Niagara Falls is one of those jaw-dropping places every one should visit once in a lifetime. Besides admiring the mesmerizing spectacle, you can do lots of other things in the Niagara falls, like hiking or do a bike trail.

Admire the Northern Lights
Although the Northern Lights can be admired in many countries (Iceland, Sweden, or Russia), Canada is one of the best places in the world to wonder at this mesmerizing spectacle and the best moment to do this is the period between November and March, particularly in the Northwest Territories. 

Visit Canada’s beautiful cities
Although the weather in March is still cold and rainy, you can get great value from visiting some of the most famous cities in Canada, like Vancouver, Toronto or Quebec:

While other cities in Canada are still under the snow at this time of the year, the first signs of spring are slowly beginning to appear in Vancouver, and you can for instance take part in the cherry blossom celebrations, when the cherry flowers in this beautiful and friendly city bloom and cover the city in white.

Toronto has a lot to offer in all seasons. This friendly, open and exciting city has a multicultural atmosphere and a busy cultural life. While the weather in March is still cold, you can keep warm on one of the many museums, galleries or theatres in the city. Also, you can participate in one of the many maple syrup festivals taking place at this time of the year.

With its ancient architecture, vibrant culture and delicious gastronomy, Quebec is one of the most charming cities in Canada, and it is worth a visit. In March, the temperatures slowly begin to go over zero, but you should still bring your snow boots to admire the wonders of this UNESCO World-Class Heritage site.

Prepare your trip
March is an excellent time of the year to visit Canada, but you if you want to enjoy what the country has to offer this year, you should start planning your trip now. Luckily, applying for your eTA Canada is quick and easy. In just a few minutes you can fill in the online form and you will get your electronic visa in just a couple of hours, or in a few minutes if you do an urgent application. This gives you more time to think about the places you want to visit or to chose the best hotel deals.