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Hotelmize Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to Mize

Hotelmize Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to Mize

Hotelmize, the global leader in fintech-based travel products, announced the launch of a new brand identity.

The company’s rebranding strategy reflects its years-long expertise in the travel industry, offering fintech-related solutions based on emerging tech trends such as machine learning and big data. A big part of the company’s rebranding effort will be the aforementioned name change, from Hotelmize to Mize, to reflect the company’s years of experience in the travel tech domain while looking into the future of developing travel-fintech-related solutions.

Mize has firmly established itself as a leading player in the travel/fintech domain, having achieved an impressive growth rate of over 800% year-on-year. The company has also effectively maintained partnerships with major B2C and B2B travel brands in the industry while also acquiring over 130 new customers across 33+ countries.

Its cutting-edge solution has optimized more than $1.29 billion worth of bookings and delivered an additional $144 million in profits for its clients. To date, Mize has optimized over 1.83 million bookings, demonstrating the growing acceptance of innovative technology in the travel industry.

“Although we have undergone a rebranding, our core values and mission remain the same. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional value to our partners and their clients through a fully automated fintech-based product suite” Dor Krubiner, the CEO at Mize, talks about their rebranding efforts.

Mize’s new branding complements its plans for making fintech travel solutions accessible to travel companies across other verticals.

The New Mize Brand
The new brand identity will complement the new company name. The new logo will feature a modern and minimalistic design using a bold typeface and a vibrant color palette, reflecting Mize’s dedication to innovation and creativity.

The company also announced that the new brand identity would be implemented across all brand touchpoints. Mize will also launch a new website ( Their name will change through all social media channels, marketing materials, and email communications.

Omry Litvak, the COO at Mize, was also excited about the rebranding initiative. ”We are thrilled to announce our company’s rebranding but want to emphasize that our commitment to excellence has not changed.”

“As we have grown into a more mature, diverse, and strong company, we are better equipped than ever to provide innovative solutions that help the travel industry optimize its revenues and operations,” he said. He added, “Our focus remains on meeting the evolving needs of our clients with increased efficacy and efficiency. We are excited to continue providing exceptional value to our partners and their clients through our comprehensive fintech-based product suite.”

About Mize
Mize is the leader in fintech-based travel products. This unique, highly efficient solution gives travel companies a strategic ability to enhance yield from existing sales by improving their industry-standard purchasing processes while delivering exceptional added value and customer service. The solution utilizes big data technology and machine learning techniques to build state-of-the-art price prediction and efficiency algorithms, enabling clients to maximize their profits.