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Best Places to Visit In Dubai Trip With Your Family

Best Places to Visit In Dubai Trip With Your Family

It’s the time of year when everyone is in celebration mode. Yep, you guessed right, it is a holiday season like Christmas and the New Year is just around the corner. So, if you are looking for planning a vacation with your family to make this festival season more happening, then you can start by taking Christmas Dubai trips to make your holiday time super special.

You might be wondering that being the Islami city how come Dubai can offer you the best Christmas and New Year offers, then let us clear that up for you. This city might be warm and dominated by Islamic religion followers, but the Christmas celebrations here are very enchanted and full of true Christmas spirit.

Warm and Fuzzy Christmas
If you don’t want to get your Christmas celebration interrupted by the snowstorms and heavy rain, then the fuzzy and warm temperature of Dubai is just perfect for you. The average temperature in Dubai during the holiday season is around 17-23 degrees Celsius which is not at all high. It is a perfect temperature to spend your holidays on the beach while enjoying your favorite martini and spend some quality time with your family and friends.

True Holiday Spirit
Well, if you are looking for some traditional Christmas celebrations, then Dubai has arranged everything for that also. Fondue at Après overlooking Ski Dubai will offer you the perfect experience of enjoying the warm desert while gazing upon some snow. Moreover, you can buy a turkey bird from any local supermarket and cook for your family along with some vegetables, gravy, mashed potatoes and create a home-like environment in Dubai.

If you are not in the mood of the cooking festival meal for your family, then you can easily order the turkey and other festival meals from the five-star hotels at very affordable rates for around Dhs 150. Yep, you can order a pretty fancy Christmas meal from one of the top-notch hotels and restaurants of Dubai at highly affordable rates and make your holidays even more relaxing and delicious.

Fancy Buffet
Christmas is just another Friday in Dubai with some extra jingle bells. All the restaurants, bars and hotels across the emirate pull out every single last stop – right down to jolly Santas and gingerbread grottos. When you stroll out in Dubai streets during Christmas time, then you will feel like you are just at your home because everywhere you go, you will see Christmas food, decorations, and other holiday stuff.

Visit Church
Christmas celebrations are incomplete without visiting a church and singing along some carols. So, if you are wondering how will you attend special Christmas mass in Dubai, then apart from being a Muslim city, it is quite a liberal place and you can easily visit a church. St. Mary’s in Oud Metha is one of the city’s largest churches where Christmas is celebrated in a Royal way. However, if you are staying in the southern part of the city, then you will find St. Francis church near to you.

Local Events
Christmas time is about going out and celebrating happiness and lights with your family and friends. If you are thinking that in Dubai you won’t be able to attend your special local Christmas events and twinkling lights on the Christmas trees, then you are again mistaken. That’s because local schools and the Irish villages of Dubai hosts a variety of Christmas and New Year events for tourists and locals.

There are plenty of different Dubai special occasion tours and events organized by the local community. Dubai’s Madinat Jumeirah and Winter Festival are two of the big ones, though the latter is not often all that well-executed. Additionally, smaller scale lighting events are organized all over the city by restaurants and hotels which is a perfect way to create a festive ambiance.

So, in short, if you are planning Dubai trips with your family and friends during the special holiday time, then you won’t be disappointed with the hospitality and Christmas spirit offered by Dubai. This city will offer you so much that you won’t regret your decision to celebrating your holidays here, plus hotels and restaurants here offer special deals to their customers also.