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Breaking Travel News investigates: Natura Bissé, London

Breaking Travel News investigates: Natura Bissé, London

Barcelona-based, luxury skincare brand Natura Bissé showcases its commitment to modern pollution protection with its innovative Diamond Cocoon treatment

The Village, part of Westfield London, is home to the only Natura Bissé location outside of the brand’s native Spain.

Nestled among an ocean of luxury fashion retailers, the spa opened to sweeping positive reviews from critics and guests alike just last year.

The space, at 340 square metres, has been designed by acclaimed Spanish architect Juan Trias de Bes and offers an immersive Natura Bissé experience.

With its sandy coloured interior, the reception area features two skincare consultation stations where you can get informed advice from the Natura Bissé skincare professionals while enjoying a cup of their signature tea.

Once you are suitably relaxed and informed, it is time to move through to the treatment area.

Here we find three individual rooms, all of which are pumped with 99.9 per cent purified air to cleanse your body and mind, while also helping enhance the potency of the Natura Bissé products.

During my visit I enjoyed the Diamond Cocoon experience, created as an antidote to the effects a busy urban lifestyle can have on the skin.

Based on three wellness pillars - liberate, fortify and shield - the products in the Diamond Cocoon Collection are formulated with advanced ingredients that are globally recognised protect and strengthen your skin.

“The secret to the treatment’s efficiency lies in the high-performance products combined with a wide array of facial massages,” explains a Natura Bissé release.

“The protocol includes a fusion of purifying, strengthening and restorative ingredients, as well as a powerful probiotic complex that balances the microbiota in the skin – this is essential for a healthy cutaneous barrier.”

The 60-minute treatment comprises five stages - cleanse, exfoliate, tone, treat and prevent – with my therapist explaining the process in detail as she leads me into one of the treatment rooms.

The heated bed, complete with a fluffy duvet, truly gives an impression of being wrapped up in a cocoon.

Starting with the application of a Diamond Cocoon Daily Cleanser, followed by a Diamond Cocoon Hydrating Essence, the combo clarifies and nourishes.

Next, a Diamond Glyco Extreme Peel is used to exfoliate – the product dissolves dead cells and impurities while acting on the deepest layers of the skin.

This is an extremely potent product and may initially cause a tingling sensation, (so, if you have sensitive skin, please make sure you notify your therapist before the treatment), but this subsides after the first couple of minutes and you can really feel the peel working.

While the peel works its magic, I am treated to a mini shoulder and arm massage, which is a welcome touch.

Now the skin is fully prepared, it is time for stage four - the treatment.

This includes a Diamond Skin Booster Serum to reinforce the natural protection barrier and prevent dehydration, followed by Diamond Cocoon Sheer Cream for intense hydration and is rounded off by a Diamond Extreme Mask with a high concentration of anti-ageing active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, retinol and marine DNA to firm up and nourish the tired skin.

The products feel gentle on the skin and are mostly odourless which is a big plus, as I feel sometimes a strong smell may undermine the whole spa experience.

The fifth and final stage consists of safeguarding measures against the polluting factors of city life and includes an eye cream, sunscreen and protective mist, all designed to reinforce the natural skin barrier while providing hydration.

Natura Bissé products have gained a cult-like following due to their ability to achieve visible results instantly and my treatment did not fail to deliver.

Walking out, my skin feels smooth, soft and visibly clearer – it looks brighter for days.

More Information

Natura Bissé is a partner of the World Spa Awards which is today hosting the annual Gala Ceremony at Armani Hotel Dubai.

Find out more on the event here, or for more on Natura Bissé, head over to the official website.

Maria Korelina