#WhistlerUnfiltered is Whistler through the people’s lens

#WhistlerUnfiltered is Whistler through the people’s lens

If the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds true, many a conversation will be had about Whistler this winter as word-of-mouth marketing takes hold with the launch of Tourism Whistler’s 2012/ 2013 winter marketing campaign.

#WhistlerUnfiltered is an online anthology of Instagram images of Whistler. It is a collection of unofficial, uncensored, candid snapshots and moments telling the story of winter in Whistler. It’s unstaged and unfiltered. It’s Whistler, through the people’s lens.

Tourism Whistler worked with Origin Design + Communications on the campaign, which launched in October and will utilize consumer-driven content in various channels including television, print and online, to showcase Whistler by establishing an emotional connection with the consumer. People are asked to use the #WhistlerUnfiltered hashtag on their Instagram images, which could then be featured on the #WhistlerUnfiltered microsite and in additional marketing materials.

Images will be featured in the opening and closing signature videos as well as five videos, to be launched monthly throughout the campaign in October, November, December, January and February, with the themes of:  Anticipation, Rooftop of the World, Dropping In, Snow Play and Boots Off.

“Word of mouth marketing is key for consumers who are making vacation decisions,” said Louise Walker, Tourism Whistler’s Vice President of Marketing Strategy.


“Whistler is a dream destination – a bucket list destination, if you will. People want to visit here and when they’re making their decisions, they rely heavily on what their counterparts are saying about their own experiences,” Walker said.

“People like to share their experiences in the social world and consumers make purchasing decisions based on the information being shared by their peers. We need to connect the dots for the consumer, moving that vacation off the “dream” list and into reality. We want to increase top of mind awareness of Whistler as a destination by engaging, inspiring and entertaining the consumer – we want to make an emotional connection so that people are inspired to visit Whistler.”

The campaign, utilizing the key messages of Whistler, with its genuine, welcoming and friendly vibe, as “the” place to ski, with reliable and magical snow conditions and a breadth of experiences that no other place can live up to, targets the markets of Australia, the United Kingdom, United States and Canada, focusing on active, outdoor enthusiasts seeking unique and diverse experiences, core skiers and boarders and the Nordic market.

Each week, new images from the collection will be sourced and featured on the campaign microsite: www.whistler.com/unfiltered with a top-three selection most prominent on the page.

“The success of the campaign really depends on participation,” added Walker. “We encourage locals, guests and our Members to participate,” she said. “Hashtag your photos #WhistlerUnfiltered and be a part of the Whistler story.”

In support of the campaign and in alignment with the five themes, there will be five prize packages (Anticipation, Rooftop of the World, Dropping In, Snow Play and Boots Off) as well as Grand Prize package to be won; contest launches October 17. Information will be available on www.whistler.com/unfiltered