The Chalet Experience upgrades website

The Chalet Experience upgrades website

The new site has been renovated to offer more functionality for users when compared to the old version. Interactive features have been integrated to present a simpler and easier-to-navigate user experience, with the redesign assisting both users searching for chalets and members of the website advertising their accommodation.

A multi-filtered search feature on the homepage allows users to view accommodation relative to their requirements, with each chalet page offering in-depth information on special offers, amenities, short break deals, images, and contact forms for the chalet owner. ‘Special Offers’ bars at the bottom of the website’s pages will also feature random chalets to offer further exposure for chalet owners, and make it easier for users to make the most of offers.

The new ‘Chalet, Find Me!’ feature also enables users to send mass emails to the owners of all the selected chalets available on the website which meet their specification, as determined by search filters. Chalet owners can then contact the user back directly to offer more information.

Advertisers will also receive extensive reports about each chalet they feature on the website, including page views, appearances in search results, contact form uses, click-throughs to the chalet owner’s website and chalet page, and emails sent to them via the “Chalets, Find Me!” feature.

“At The Chalet Experience, we realise the importance of having an extensive and easy-to-use service for both users and members to access,” commented a spokesperson for The Chalet Experience. “We aim to have as much advice, convenience and affordability as possible on offer to advertisers, and are currently retailing a half-price offer of £95.00 per property for a whole year of advertising; in conjunction with advice and consultancy service to chalet companies to ensure that they get all the support they need.”