Spa America Tour 2010

Spa America Tour 2010

Skip Williams, president of Resources and Development remains respected as one of the premier day spa and medical spa consultants today. Williams will soon embark on a Spa America Tour, taking him to many day spas, spas, resort spas and medical spas across the United States in 80 days.

Armed with nothing more than a small computer, a video camera, a cell telephone, copies of his new book and his motorcycle, Skip Williams will chronicle his travels on the website.

Free Spa Consultations:  Spas are now being solicited to invite Skip Williams to visit their spas. During this trip, he will host and facilitate several free one day think tanks as well as a series of valuable mini events and conferences. He will help advise spa owners with expertise on staff recruitment, staff retention, branding, marketing, employee training, compensation programs, and how to create more effective retail sales programs. This Spa America Tour will offer his affiliated sponsors and the participating spas some of the most powerful new strategies in management and marketing techniques. Donors may also voluntarily pledge a per mile charitable contribution with proceeds going to the Children’s Miracle Network.

The Reluctant Spa Director ~ Between A Rock And A Hard Place: Just released, this must-have new book is easy reading. The fictional plot takes place in a resort spa with characters that you will relate to as they share personal triumphs and tragedies. This fun new book shares the essence of how to effectively and successfully run a spa in a creative manner, while not doing so in the traditional step-by-step how to format. This book will help prevent you from making many of the common mistakes while sharing some of the most common challenges and solutions. It also details how to yield optimum results for your spas located within hotels and resorts, so you create a better symbiotic relationship.  This book should be read by every spa owner, manager and operations professional.

Skip Williams notes, “You will learn many great new insights, while understanding it will not always be peaches and cream. To help others, I am sharing many secrets to success that I have learned through my personal experiences over the past 15 years.”  This new book is also a sequel to his first book, The Reluctant Spa Director and The Mission Dream.


More Spa Management Tools:  Williams’ expertise is respected as he works closely with many new and existing spas, day spas and medical spas.  Resources and Development offers many other ready to use spa management tools. They offer a set of three CD’s to help you manage and lead your personnel with an Employee Handbook, Standard Operational Procedures and Job Descriptions as well as an Administrative and Operations Forms Book. They also offer a Financial Blueprint Package to help you create a Spa Business Plan.