Soneva Kiri unveils Treepod Dining

Soneva Kiri unveils Treepod Dining

Soneva Kiri has unveiled a new Treepod Dining experience. The Treepod is situated at one of the best vantage points the resort offers; a few yards along the coastal path from the resort’s main facilities on the west facing side of the island. Guests board the rattan bird’s nest at ground level and are then leveraged to new heights. 

With sumptuous, cushioned seating for up to four diners, guests fasten their leather seatbelts and are gently hoisted 16 feet into the tall, native massang trees.  As the pod slowly climbs into the trees, and the rocky shores slowly descend, their waiter expertly flies through the air on a zip line from a small platform perched half way down the hill. Once each course has been served your waiter zips back up the hill, discreetly positioned a few feet away in case guests wish to add to their order.

With birds’ eye views over the peaceful, clear waters surrounding remote Koh Kood, the treetops is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable meals of a lifetime.

Breakfast in the Treepod is an utterly peaceful, sublime way to start the day; Lunch offers a shady respite from the heat and breathtaking sunsets from such an unlikely, intimate haven and a candlelit dinner is as close to nature as you can get.  The menus follow the jungle themes ‘Canapés in the Canopy’, ‘Forager’s Basket’, ‘Woodland Offerings’, using produce predominantly from the resort’s organic gardens or the island of Koh Kood.

In collaboration with Olav Bruin 24h Architects, Louis Thompson designer of the Treepod commented,  “It has taken two and a half years from design to final realisation; it is great to see it so appreciated by guests.  Even people without a head for heights are thoroughly enjoying it!


“The element I am particularly proud of is that we actually managed to build it without any bolts or attachments into the actual trees. I strongly feel that the concept has a range of other applications which I am really looking forward to investigating. We are also looking into guests being able to fly on the zip line through the jungle themselves, as there is a certain amount of envy when they watch the waiters!”