Rategain rolls out shopping rate tool

RateGain has launched a new rate shopping tool PriceGain-Hotels for price comparison of hotels.

PriceGain-Hotels is a web-based rate shopping solution that aims to empower the pricing strategy of hotels in relation to their immediate competitive set and trendsetters in the hotel industry.

“Our business has evolved from being a competitive intelligence provider to more of a market intelligence and distribution solutions provider to the online hospitality and travel industry. There is a growing demand from hoteliers to integrate business intelligence with their existing or new revenue management systems to control their pricing as well as execute an analytics based competitive pricing strategy.

For hotels, the importance of measuring their competitiveness is of paramount importance to sustain and grow their market share in the markets they serve. This is certainly seen as the next phase where suite of business intelligence solutions in travel industry can take the next leap and transform as an integrated solution as per the changing market demand.” says Bhanu Chopra, CEO RateGain.