Payless car rental Miami launches new web site

Payless car rental Miami launches new web site

The Payless Car Rental branch at the Miami International Airport recently launched a new Web site. The purpose of the site is to make the reservation process more efficient for customers and to provide more detailed information about renting a vehicle in Miami. The company expressed a desire to help customers discover all of the attractions and activities the city has to offer. “Rental cars give visitors a chance to visit the city on their own schedule,” one representative said.

Representatives at Payless want to help customers determine whether Payless is the best choice for their needs. To paint a better picture of their service quality, Payless also posts recent customer testimonials on the site. Links to information addressing the most common concerns people have are arranged along the top of the landing page. There is a link for visitors to see the different vehicle selections. This page explains how many passengers, large suitcases and small suitcases each vehicle type can hold.

Since this branch is connected to one of the country’s largest international airports, Payless Car Rental Miami also offers access to the site in over 30 languages. The home page is set up to provide free quotes for specific travel dates and car type preferences. Coupons and special promotional deals are provided on the site’s landing page.

The FAQ link provides customers with more detailed answers to common questions. “We understand that not everyone has the time to pick up the phone to call us,” one representative explained, “so that is why we offer the FAQ page. It addresses some important issues about car rental requirements, insurance, mileage restrictions and local toll charges.”

There is also a link at the top of the company’s page to contact a representative. The form requires a first name and valid email address for a more efficient response time. Potential customers and people with existing reservations can use the form to send email messages instead of calling. However, the company’s direct phone number is posted at the top right corner of the page for those who prefer to call.


Payless executives expressed an interest in creating a site that is not just designed to generate profits. They also wish to educate customers about Miami. The site offers information for visitors to learn about top attractions, exploration opportunities and useful travel tips.

Payless Car Rental was founded in 1971 and currently has over 80 locations in 20 different countries. The company is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida. Payless is a subsidiary of Avalon Global Group, Inc. Miami’s location, which opened in 2010, was the fourth airport branch to be opened in the state of Florida. For more information, please visit the company’s Payless Car Rental Miami.