Oxford is the cruising capital of the UK

Oxford is the cruising capital of the UK

A new study by an independent cruise comparison website has revealed the top 10 locations across Britain that are home to the UK’s serial cruisers. The study has found that Oxford is the UK’s cruising capital, followed by Exeter and Bath.

An independent website that aims to deliver an unbiased and accurate service to both experienced and first time cruisers has conducted research of 1,106 cruisers, in order to discover what the top ten locations are across the UK that are home to Britain’s ‘serial cruisers’.

The study, conducted by www.CruiseCompare.co.uk, asked respondents to specify how many cruise holidays they had been on in the past three years.

According to the results, 38% of respondents had been on three or more cruise holidays in the past three years. Based on these results, the top 10 locations across the UK that are home to the nation’s ‘serial cruisers’ are as follows:

1.    Oxford
2.    Exeter
3.    Bath
4.    Harrogate
5.    Cambridge
6.    Cheltenham
7.    Bournemouth
8.    Chester
9.    Edinburgh
10.  Brighton


According to the poll, two thirds, 66%, of the respondents had been on more than one cruise in their lifetime. Furthermore, 4% of those polled admitted to never having experienced any other holiday than a cruise.

When asked the multiple choice question ‘What is your favourite aspect (s) of a cruise holiday?’ 41% of respondents said it was the ‘variety of locations to visit’, whilst 28% agreed it was the ‘cruise liner experience.’ A further 23% explained that their favourite aspect of a cruise holiday was ‘meeting new people.’

Danielle Fear, managing director of CruiseCompare.co.uk, had the following to say:

“I wasn’t surprised to see that many of those that cruise once choose to cruise again. Cruising really is a unique form of holiday and offers a great form of relaxation, culture and activity. Once a person has experienced a holiday on a cruise ship and visited different locations, the temptation to experience another cruise is very appealing.”

She continued,

“Variety, exciting location and meeting new people are not the only aspects that draw people back to cruising. The cruise liners themselves also offer an array of activities, so there’s fun to be had both on and off the ship.