Norovirus outbreak investigated at Gleneagles Hotel

Norovirus outbreak investigated at Gleneagles Hotel

More than 100 people are thought to have been infected with a vomiting and diarrhoea bug at Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland.

NHS Tayside said it was investigating suspected cases of norovirus at the hotel, according to reports.

Dozens of people connected to the five-star resort are thought to have reported symptoms of the illness over the last week.

A spokeswoman for Gleneagles said: “We can confirm there have been a number of reported cases of norovirus last weekend. All the relevant authorities were notified and we have been working in conjunction with them to assess the situation on an ongoing basis during the week.

“The care of our guests and staff is of paramount importance and we have been taking the necessary precautions. We are glad to say that as far as we are aware, only a handful of people have not yet returned to full health.”