New website launched by South West Trains’ Passenger Panel

New website launched by South West Trains’ Passenger Panel

South West Trains’ Passenger Panel, an independent voice for passengers, has launched a website inviting passengers to send in their views and comments on South West Trains’ services.

The Passenger Panel, the first in the country set up by a train company, is also the first to launch a website,, seeking passenger feedback.

Sir Alan Greengross, Chairman of the Panel, said “The Panel was set up to be a voice for passengers and a sounding board for the Company. South West Trains regularly runs ideas and proposals before the Panel to get their reactions and their own ideas. We have been delighted that many of these have been taken on board, such as the idea for a £10 fare at weekends during the Summer.

“The new website will be an excellent way of collating the views of the passengers we represent, over a wide range of concerns, from fares and punctuality to station facilities and security. The panel will be in a better position to make sure that passengers’ views are heard by the management of South West Trains. Our aim is to help South West Trains to improve services for passengers.”

Andy Naylor, Head of Customer Service for South West Trains added:  “South West Trains wholeheartedly supports the launch of the new Passenger Panel website as it will offer another communication channel for customers to give us feedback, and that can only help us to continually improve our delivery of customer service.”