New Mind-Body Wellness Retreats in Santa Barbara

SOMA stands for “sustainable, outdoor, momentous adventures” and was founded by Scott Crawford, who has an impressive background in fitness and psychology. With the help of his handpicked team of specialists, SOMA provides custom-tailored, goal-specified, integrated training, holistically combined with mental-wellness consulting, Pilates training, yoga, nutrition education and bodywork. Catering to all ages and fitness levels, programs begin with an in-depth health and fitness evaluation and can include beach and mountain training, overnight to weeklong retreats, as well as life-coaching services. The Destination Coach specializes in life coaching and also plans customized retreats for individuals, couples and groups. The destination “coach” is Nicki Parr, who helps her clients see their lives from a fresh perspective and establish personal goals. Her retreats can include signature destination pleasures like guided wine tasting, hiking and kayaking. She also plans “Eat, Pray, Love” style retreats with culinary tours, yoga classes and love-yourself life coaching sessions.