Manx2 pulls out of Cork following crash

Manx2 pulls out of Cork following crash

Airline has confirmed it will halt services from Belfast to Cork following an accident in February which killed six people.

Citing an “operational review of the route” the carrier said the route would be suspended from March 13th.

A company stated said the airline will continue to operate other flights as scheduled.

He added: “In order to minimise the impact to passenger travel plans, the service will be maintained for the next two weeks.”

All passengers booked to travel on the Belfast to Cork service on or after March 14th will be given a full refund.


The legal battle over liability for the crash is, however, set to continue.

Solicitor acting for Manx2 argued earlier the airline has no liability to the passengers involved in the incident.

Instead the carrier stated any liability resides entirely with Flightline BCN, the Barcelona-based company that operated the Manx2 flight using its crew and the Swearingen Metroliner.

In turn, the aircraft was owned by Airlada, based in Seville, Spain.

The two pilots and four passengers died when the aircraft turned upside down on landing following an approach in fog.

There were six survivors.

Since the accident Manx2 has cancelled its contract with Flightline.