Manathai Hotels & Resorts launches Thai collection


Independent hospitality group Manathai Hotels & Resorts has launched its unique collection of boutique properties, targeting travellers who seek authentic experiences and deeper connections to some of Thailand’s most beautiful and culturally rich destinations.

Manathai Hotels & Resorts manages the four resorts in its launch portfolio, all located in vibrant coastal destinations either along the Andaman Sea or Gulf of Thailand, with each property embodying its own style and charm, inspired by local surroundings and flavours.

Pristine beachfront locations unite each of the Mantathai resorts in Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Khao Lak and Phuket, as does a series of signature experiences created to offer individual travellers, couples and families a more personalised and meaningful encounter with Thailand’s cuisine, culture and destinations.

These are led by ‘Pad Thai’ a branded restaurant concept in each of the Manathai resorts that celebrates and gets creative with one of the most iconic and loved Thai dishes.


Pad Thai will feature the authenticity of street food, utilise the freshest seafood ingredients courtesy of its coastal locations and bring the famous dish into a gourmet realm at its upscale resorts.

Each ‘Pad Thai’ restaurant will also offer a variety of other ‘pad’ or stir-fried dishes in a ‘Pad Gourmet’ section, with each menu tailored by its head chef to reflect the destination, availability of fresh locally-sourced ingredients, and local street food specialities and favourites.

Manathai Hotels & Resorts group director of sales and marketing Bobbie-Jane Skewes said Manathai’s brand had been created around the needs of the ‘new traveller’ “who prize individuality, choice and authenticity above all, and eschew anything that makes them feel like they are following the herd.”

“One size no longer fits all for today’s travellers,” Skewes said.

“People want to engage with destinations on their own terms and at their own pace. Manathai is a highly eclectic collection of hotels, each with its own style and personality, inspired by values of serenity, hospitality and friendship.

“Warm Thai smiles and the famous Thai flair for hospitality are at the heart of everything we do. And indeed, everything that we do is from the heart.”

Manathai could be loosely translated as ‘Come to Thailand’, Skewes added.

“With the launch of this chic and superbly located and connected collection of beachfront resorts, travellers now have more reason to do so than ever before.”

Manathai Hua Hin is already operating, offering 40 rooms and located centrally in the royal heritage seaside town of Hua Hin, five minutes from the beach, markets and a number of historical locations made famous in the 1920s with Italian architects commissioned by the Thai royal family such as the Summer Palace and Railway Station.