Le Royal Meridien in culinary drive

Le Royal Meridien in culinary drive

The new menu offers something for every discerning palette; from the standard Italian fare known and loved by all, to new and exotic Italian flavours for the adventurous soul.

“I am confident that visitors to Ossigeno will thoroughly enjoy the new selection of Italian delights on offer,” said Chef Patrick Lannes, Chef Director at Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort + Spa Dubai and Grosvenor House Dubai, Maitre Cuisinier De France.

Chef Marco Lucentini added: “Growing up in Italy taught me at a young age that food is a pleasure. Indeed we have a saying in Italian: ‘Esse nufesso qui dice male di macaroni, which means he who speaks badly of Macaroni, is a fool! I look forward to serving visitors of the restaurant with many delectable creations, and challenging their preconceptions of standard Italian fare.”

Visit Ossigeno and discover an array of gastronomic delights from the light and refreshing tomato carpaccio to melon and meat soup with foie gras and aged balsamic vinegar.

For the main course, flirt with the exotic and celebrate the finest flavours with Ossigeno’s delectable agnolotti filled with sea bass and a creamy broccoli sauce. Alternatively why not opt for the tagliatelle al caffe with freshly-caught prawns topped with a refreshing lemon zest sauce, or the juicy lamb rack with polenta and hazelnut sauce.


And for those with a sweet-tooth: savour the seductive flavours of cannoli al cioccolato farcies featuring chocolate and rocket salad with a refreshing side of strawberry and basil sorbet or head towards a fruity finale with an apricot sorbet stuffed with thyme-flavored ice cream fiordilatte topped with a mouthwatering raspberry syrup.

Ossigeno is located on the ground floor of Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort and Spa.